no monthly recurring fees


  • If a real estate firm is a member of an NC MLS board, all agents that have their license at that firm are typically required to also join that MLS board and pay any require initiation fees, monthly fees, lockbox software fees, and annual state and national association fees.
  • Sandy Shamrock,LLC is a licensed NC real estate firm (# C36921)
  • Sandy Shamrock Realty is not affiliated with any MLS system or a member of any state or national association that has required fees.
  • Brokers at Sandy Shamrock Realty are referral agents only and may not be involved in any real estate transactions or receive any real estate commission for outside of referrals with Sandy Shamrock Realty. Brokers may not be affiliated with any other NC real estate firms.
  • Brokers pay a $199 per year in advance to be affiliated with Sandy Shamrock Realty. A processing fee of $100 per referral will be deducted from any referral received.

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